3D Archaeology
INSIGHT works to document the human record
Twenty years of INSIGHT

Since its founding in 1999, INSIGHT has collaborated with researchers at dozens of universities and museums across the world to support scientific visualization work and its dissemination.  For cultural heritage researchers, INSIGHT acts as a bridge between the disciplines of archaeology, art history, computer graphics, and computer vision. For the general public, INSIGHT fosters interest in archaeology through the lively digital media we create.

Field Documentation

Our recent projects include ongoing work in Egypt as well as documentation projects in Greece, Iraq, France, Italy and the United States.  In Egypt, we continue to work with Université Pierre et Marie Curie in our decade-long project to gather 3D data in situ to support publication of the temples and tombs relating to Ramses II.  Also in Egypt, our Gebel es Silsileh Archaeological Documentation extends the data collection we began on site at Gebel es Silsileh in 2008.

Museum Exhibits
INSIGHT has led digital documentation and visualization projects with many museums, including the California Academy of Science, the California Historical Society, the DeYoung Museum, and others.  In the same period, INSIGHT has worked with the non-profit Monterey Bay Aquarium to create five exhibits:  Seabirds, Mission to the Deep, ¡Viva Baja!, and Tiny Drifters.  Among these, INSIGHT designed and executed two immersive cylindrical video projection environments.  INSIGHT was responsible for creating the digital content for the exhibit and for developing and installing the distributed media system for the exhibit, which is now available as the open source project SyncSpace.

The sciences have never been richer in data. From static formulas to dynamic simulations, science is shifting. Archaeologists use digital proxies both for scientific study and as a hedge against the destruction of artifacts. Climate scientists see the world through data, and see their data through visualizations. Marine biologists discover new species in the deep sea using remote data collection at great depths. Building engineers manipulate digital jig saw pieces in simulated space before transforming the actual world.

INSIGHT seeks out scientists with questions that can benefit from visualization.  INSIGHT has spent a decade collaborating on diverse projects worldwide, often crossing discipline boundaries.  We work with museums, universities, foundations, and fellow non-profit organizations. We build web sites for data dissemination, present at peer-reviewed conferences, and support technology transfer and training.